Meditation Classes

For the first time this coming high season, Hotel Ombak Sunset is teaming up with Joey Hulin, from the Horizon Retreats, Devon (England) to offer meditation classes as well as a 1 Day Introduction to Meditation Course during July and August 2016.
You can expect a range of mediation classes exploring different styles including Zen, Vipassana, mindfulness and guided meditations to help you understand yourself better and learn simple effective techniques you can take home with you into your daily routines.
 Instructors Profile
After working a busy, stressful job that resulted in years of poor sleep, stress and anxiety until eventually burning out, Joey quit her job and travelled to Mexico and Costa Rica where she discovered meditation and yoga for the first time. She learned that that through simple meditation techniques your mind, experiences and ability to manage your thoughts and feelings can be completely transformed.
 She holds a Teachers Diploma certificate in 'Meditation Tuition' and is passionate about supporting others find the right style of meditation for them. Joey offers a grounded, real, patient, non-judgmental approach to each session and client’.
 What to expect?
Horizon Retreats was born from a passion to offer everyday, hardworking people access to meditation and mindfulness; to gain more clarity of mind and offer them space to reconnect with themselves.
 You can expect a range of mediation classes exploring a range of meditation styles including Zen, Vipassana, mindfulness and guided meditations to help you understand your self better and learn simple effective techniques you can take into your daily routines at home.
 For more information on Joey, Horizon Retreatsor the classes held at Hotel Ombak Sunset, please contact.
Joey:, Marina:
 What to bring?
Yourself and a light sarong if you need it.
(we will provide the matts, pillows and any other props you may need)
 * Please arrive 5 minutes before the class begins to sign in.
* Mats and props are provided. Please bring a blanket or sarong.
* Bookings required for “Introduction To Meditation Course”. Bookings not required for Drop In classes
* Classes are suitable for all levels of experience
* If you would like to book a private class please contact Joey at
 Class Descriptions
 Zen Meditation: Explore the Buddhist practice of Zen or Zazen meditation; unifying breath, body and mind through posture, breathing and meditation. Practicing Zazen meditation is more than just sitting with cross legs in stillness, classes will include focused attention meditations, loving kindness meditations and mantra mediations.
 Vipassana Meditation: Vipassana (or Insight Meditation) translates as ‘seeing deeply and clearly’, and is predominantly a Buddhist meditation but with roots in Eastern philosophies; It is a practice that brings about seeing things as they really are, developing a deep sense of wisdom and compassion for yourself and all around you.
 Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness is a practice that brings about awareness of internal and external experiences in the present moment and research has shown a strong correlation between mindfulness and improved health and wellbeing. These classes will include a mixture of theory and meditation practice.
 Guided Meditations: Through guided visualisations you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation. You can expect guided meditations including de-stress deep relaxation, grounding and positivity, energy and vitality and chakra balancing meditations.
 Introduction to Meditation course: This course is designed for absolute beginners with an interest in meditation but not sure where to start. We explore different styles of mediation, postures and breathing techniques; along side the science and theory behind the benefits of meditation and helping you design a personal routine. By the end of the day you will have a good basic understanding of what mediation is, the benefits, which style of meditation you prefer and how to incorporate that into your daily life. This course includes Lunch and a choice of fresh juice or coconut water, as well as free flow water, tea and coffee throughout the day. Starts at 10:30am to 3:30pm.