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Deluxe Terrace

Our Deluxe Terrace room offers total relaxation and features comfortable contemporary sitting and sleeping areas and equipped with a small standing balcony and a birds-eye garden view.

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Deluxe Terrace Family

Our Deluxe Terrace room offers total relaxation and features comfortable contemporary sitting and sleeping areas. Connecting rooms are available offers a furnished outdoor space with lounge chairs and provides easy access to our lush tropical garden.


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Island Bungalow

Island Bungalows are built in rows of 3 perfect for families and group travel. Each room has a tropical garden view. The rooms offer tranquility and relaxation with a spacious bedroom and stunning marble floors.  The room is inspired by ethnic contemporary art which combines elements of Balinese and Javanese culture

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Sunset Bungalow

Sunset Bungalow is built with a semi-classic minimalist design to enhance the impression of spaciousness and luxury. The room designed embraces the concept of contemporary art and also combines elements of Balinese and Javanese culture. This is evident in the exterior of the building while the rooms favour a Balinese design style with Javanese carvings incorporated into wooden doors and window frames (Javanese Gebyog).

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Agung Ocean View

Indulge in our luxurious Agung Ocean View boasting unparalleled beach views, a stunning backdrop of mount Agung in Bali and a panoramic view of the pool. From here you can see the setting sun reflect off the tranquil ocean.

Agung-Ocean-View_1suit4 Rooms Rooms Agung Ocean View 1suit4

Agung Ocean View Suite

Our Agung Ocean View Suite offers views parallel to The Agung Ocean View, however the suite itself boasts an expansive spacious master bedroom and living area leaving you with the experienceof grand luxury.


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Two Bedroom Suite

Our Two-Bedroom Suite is inspired by a semi-traditional design infused with an uplifting dash of Balinese and Javanese flavor. The suite includes a large living area illuminated by natural light which includes a four person dining table allowing for intimate private meals. You can enjoy views of our beautiful garden whilst sipping a beverage of your choice from the terrace or simply relax on a four person sofa whilst watching your favorite movie on our 42 inch flat screen HDTV. For your personal communication needs the rooms also includes a private high-speed internet access point. Our two-bedroom suite is class and prestige rolled into one